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A Level Results Day

A Level Results Day

Still remember that feeling of trepidation as you walked into your school to receive that envelope? Well, it's all done online these days, but those feelings don't change. Hovering your shaking finger over your computer mouse as you click open those results. Those results which are the accumulation of years of hard work. The blood, sweat and tears of your school-aged years all finish with this moment. Will I get what I deserve? Will I get into my university of choice? Will those final few hours of revision-cramming I did pay off? What will my results spell? Yes, we all played that game, didn't we!? Mine spelt "BAA" like a sheep, funnily enough!

The anticipation of going off to university is such an exciting time. The end of the summer is usually filled with A Level Results parties and events with school friends as you prepare to say goodbye to each other for a while. For those of us who left home at eighteen, we can all remember days spent with tearful parents as you pack and make lists of what you need to tackle life on your own for the very first time. Our youngsters will be facing mixed emotions over the next few weeks - excitement, nerves, anticipation, especially when relatives come round to drop off good luck cards, gifts and well wishes. But what do students need these days? We've put our thinking caps on and put together a small list of gift suggestions:

Cook Books
Kitchen Ware
If your 18 year old is anything like I was, I needed all the help possible in the culinary department!

Stationery - note books, pens, weekly planners, diaries, sticky notes. Who doesn't love new stationery for the start of a new term?

Reed diffusers or fancy air fresheners to counter balance the fragrant smell of student halls of residence at times.

Tote bags big enough to fit a laptop in.

A special mug that makes you smile and think of home - for that much needed morning coffee when you've been up all night partying but have a 9am lecture.

Foody hampers (cookies, chocolate, sweets, crisps, alcohol...) or a self-care hamper (soaps, lotions, body wash, face masks, hair masks...)

Posters, prints, photos, photo frames filled with happy home times...anything to fill those bare walls in your university room.

Cushions, rugs and throws...some much needed soft furnishings for their student digs. This is where we come in. Why not consider purchasing your university student to be, some sheepskin products?
Our super soft cushion covers are just heavenly to snuggle into. They keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer - cool as a cucumber in those summer months when you're lay on your bed revising for your summer exams. And who wouldn't want a sheepskin rug by the side of their bed so you can sink your feet into something warm and snuggly every morning...especially if you are feeling a little worse for wear?


Why not treat your eighteen-year-old to a little bit of luxury? Our products just look really fun and inviting too - giving your youngster's room the edge over everyone else's!? Sheepskins are so cosy but oh so stylish!

So, we are sending out lots of good luck vibes to anyone expecting exam results over the next few weeks. We hope that there are more ‘congratulations’ cheers shared compared to commiseration hugs. Exciting times lie ahead, hey...the next chapter awaits our youth...let the adventures begin!

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