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August Bank Holiday Party, anyone?

August Bank Holiday Party, anyone?

It's often dubbed as the finale to the summer so you may be thinking of hosting your own garden party this August Bank Holiday Weekend. Can you believe that September is knocking on the door already? Why not have one last sunny hurrah and treat your friends to an alfresco bash whilst we've still got the weather?

We've put together a little guide on how you can impress your guests with a sensational outside sanctuary. Prepare to host that dazzling summer event!

Divide into spaces

Whether you've got sprawling acres or a smaller garden, splitting your space up into zones, helps to create different areas for a mixture of activities. You could add:

A table for alfresco dining
A comfortable sofa area for relaxed evening drinks
An integrated fire pit for cosy night-time entertaining
Overhead lights - they are the perfect accessory for those party vibes
Complementary furnishings which look soft and inviting yet also fun...why not check out our sheepskin rugs and cushion covers?
A mixture of potted plants for a splash of green and bright colours

Serving drinks with some pzazz!

Why not create your own self-serve station so your guests feel comfortable to stand and serve themselves with their own drinks when they need them. This will save you running around too making sure that everyone has a glass in hand.

You can do this by filling a glass drinks dispenser with anything from dignified cloudy lemonade to a riskier 'punch' concoction. Complete with ice and freshly sliced lemons, your guests will be happy. Use a steel trough filled with ice to keep bottled drinks cool too. If you're feeling adventurous, you could even make your own summer cocktails!

Alfresco Dining

Make sure that your outdoor table has enough space for big sharing plates. You want all your guests to have some kind of seat too. You may want to choose long benches over individual chairs as you can seat more people using these. Drape with a sheepskin rug and you've got instant glam but also comfort.

Use flowers and rustic tableware to decorate your table giving it a rustic, natural yet sophisticated feel. It's all about natural tones at the moment with flashes of colour.

Classic BBQ cuisine is always a winner when entertaining guests. However, if you want to try something different, pizza ovens are a fantastic option. Available to both hire and purchase, pizza ovens are a great addition to any summer party.
Alternatively, if you don't have enough space for a pizza oven, you could buy pizza bases and toppings for your guests to make their own. You could even run a competition for most creative pizza design!

If you have any little ones at your garden party, our sheepskin rugs are ideal for babies and tots to rest or play on. Make sure there is a designated area for them too.

Finally, don't forget to check out our posts on our social pages to see ideas for tablescaping designs!

Happy August Bank Holiday Weekend, everyone!

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