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The Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox

Autumn, well and truly, seems to be upon us now. The mini heatwave at the start of September took us all by surprise and tricked us into thinking it was still summer but there is definitely an autumn vibe circulating now. The Autumn Equinox, sometimes called the September Equinox, will occur on 23rd September. It can happen any time between 21st and 24th September but it has plumped for the aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical date of 23.9.23 this year. So, what exactly does the Autumn Equinox signify? The start of Autumn, of course! The season for wearing warm jumpers, drinking hot chocolate, sitting by flickering fires in cosy spaces and watching the falling, colour-changing leaves outside. The word ‘equinox’ is undoubtedly a funny one and comes from the Latin for ‘equal light’. As opposed to the winter and summer solstices, which represent the shortest and longest days of sunlight, an equinox is the exact day in between the solstices where the daylight hours and darkness hours are more or less equal. In addition to the Autumn Equinox in September, there is also the Vernal Equinox in March to signify the start of Spring. Learnt something new? :-)

Throughout the history of the world, the Autumn Equinox has been celebrated in a variety of different ways. The Mayan People living in ancient times in Central America, constructed the ‘El Castillo’ stepped pyramid in Mexico in honour of this special time of year. ‘El Castillo’ means ‘The Castle’ in Spanish and the construction was (still is!) a sight to behold. These pyramids were designed in such a way that a snake of light would appear to slowly move down the steps at the time of Equinoxes. Incredible, hey!? In England, the Celts would gather at Stone Henge and Primrose Hill in London to perform rituals to celebrate this special time in September.

Candles are light in Lithuania after sunset to mark the Autumnal Equinox and in Macedonia, celebrations are held at the Kokino megalithic observatory. This observatory was only recently discovered in 2001 and is estimated to be 3,800 years old. NASA have ranked it as the fourth-oldest observatory in the world.

Autumn is a lovely time of year to be getting out and about with your little one. Nature walks offer a great opportunity to collect and identify the autumn leaves as they fall from the trees. These leaves could then be used to create a tree collage with the help of some card and child-friendly glue. Your young learner could use their detective skills to connect with the natural world around them and spot the signs of autumn. Can they feel a change in temperature? Can they spot that the leaves are changing colour? Can they see that the plants aren’t flowering as much? Can they spot a conker or two from a horse chestnut tree on the ground?

Here at Naturally Sheepskins, we are massive fans of Autumn. Sheepskin is ideal for creating cosy living spaces and now the nights are drawing in, snuggly textures are an absolute must. In the interior design world, deep and earthy shades are going to be extremely popular this autumn/winter. Trends are going to centre around warm-toned browns, caramels and tans, and soft neutrals such as off-whites and beiges. These types of shades soften any room and offer a sense of comfort which is just what you need when arriving home on cold and dark nights.

Need some inspo? Check out our Home Range of beautiful sheepskins products for your interiors. We stock a range of sensationally soft long, sheepskin rugs in a variety of colours and sizes, including single, double and quad.

Our Mongolian sheepskin rugs with their characteristic, curly crimps are incredibly eye-catching and just beg to be touched. They are 100% natural sheepskin, are available in an array of natural colours, and can be purchased as singles or doubles.

We also provide matching cushion covers in this range. Like the Mongolian sheepskin rugs, the cushion covers add glamour and excitement but also texture and warmth to any living space – whether this be a bedroom, dining room or lounge. They come in sizes medium and large and in a range of colours.

Equally, why not check out our ‘Autumn Cosy Collection’ for your baby or toddler? We are proud to stock a variety of different pram liners, footmuffs and stroller hand mittens. Those winter months are going to set in soon and why not get ahead of the game and be prepared for the colder weather? With the right equipment and accessories for your child, you do not have to worry about going out in the cold. Our sheepskins are incredibly cosy and will provide your youngster with premium comfort when out and about. Additionally, because sheepskin is a natural material, it is completely safe to use next to your baby’s precious skin. Naturally dirt and stain-resistant, our products are very low maintenance for a busy parent too. They can also be machine-washed using a wool detergent when needs be. Durable and ‘built-to-last’, our sheepskins possess an excellent ‘hand-me-downable’ quality for future children. They are a total investment! See link below to ‘Fall into Autumn’ and to just generally fall in love with our baby and child sheepskin products…

Happy Autumn!

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