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What is Earth Hour?

What is Earth Hour?As an eco-aware and sustainable business, we are big supporters of Earth Hour. This event is celebrated at 8:30pm on the final Saturday of March every year. It was created to encourage the world to take more care of our precious planet. During this hour, millions of households show their support by turning off their lights to save power. Look out, on the news, for many famous landmarks 'Going Dark' too. The Eiffel Tower in France, The Colosseum in Italy and The Skytree building in Japan have all participated in this event in years gone by.Earth Hour began in 2007 when citizens all over Sydney turned off their lights for an hour. This was a symbol of solidarity to show their concern over climate change. In 2008, The World Wildlife Fund - WWF cascaded the event on an international scale. Over the past 15 years, it has grown to be one of the largest movements for protecting the environment. Amazingly, communities from over 190 countries have now participated in Earth Hour. Astronauts from the International Space Station have even been involved with the event!So how can you show your support?Well, turn off your non-essential lights at home at 8:30pm tonight for 60 minutes.Take part in a ‘virtual spotlight’ by watching the official Earth Hour video.Share our Earth Hour post on socials.There may even be some local events in your area taking place where folk celebrate Earth Hour and the darkness together.Earth Hour has had an incredible impact over the years including:Creating a 3.4 million hectare marine-protected area in Argentina.Planting 17 million trees inKazakhstan.Protecting 5 million squaremiles of ocean around French Polynesia.Earth Hour continues to endeavour to raise awareness of environmental issues, most notably climate change and the loss of nature. The movement has helped to change attitudes and drive transitions in the approaches of large businesses and governments towards the environment.Events like Earth Hour have certainly made us think as a business, and we are pleased to say that Naturally Sheepskins is eco-conscious in the following ways:Our Sheepskins are entirely natural and biodegradableOur products are ethically and sustainably sourcedOur business does not contribute to microplastic pollution in our seasWith care, our sheepskins will last you for years - giving you and your home many years of enjoymentOur tanning process is as planet-friendly as possible – we do not use any harsh dyes or chemicalsOur packaging is now almost completely free from plasticWe are very proud of this, and we are constantly testing and improving our business to make it as kind to the Earth as possible whilst still providing you with beautiful and timeless pieces.Happy Earth Hour - now turn those lights out and have a darkness party! 
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