You've got to hand it to us...these are great! - Naturally Sheepskins

You've got to hand it to us...these are great!

You've got to hand it to us...these are great! Sorry...excuse the pun but we are just receiving so much lovely feedback about our amazing hand mitts, that we thought they deserved some fuss! Picture the scene, it's a cold, blustery day, you are pushing your little one in their pram (hoping they'll have a nap). They are all wrapped up as snug as a bug watching the world go by. Your phone rings and eeeek, you've got your gloves on - it's too cold not to have your hands covered. You have to stop the pram, loosen all your fingers (which takes a good two minutes), stuff your gloves somewhere, dive into your coat pocket, find your phone, swipe the screen and answer it. By the time you've got off those pesky gloves, you've missed the call. Does this sound like you? Let's face it, we spend/have to spend so much time on our phones these days, this is most parents! So...if there was a product which kept your hands toasty-warm but also enabled you to use your phone more easily when out and about on chilly days, this would be so helpful, right? Cue our heavenly hand mitts! Completely weatherproof, fleece-lined and with a 100% Merino sheepskin cuff, your hands can still be protected but you can also remove them with ease and speed. Let's be honest, a parent has to have access to their bare hands at any given moment! These hand mitts attach to any pram, stroller, buggy or pushchair. They have a universal design making them compatible with most single-handle transport systems. This miracle product can easily be attached and kept in place using the zipper-fastenings. The plush, 100% genuine sheepskin cuff adds warmth and comfort and is secured with magnetic buttons when turned down. The cuff can also be turned up in extra bad weather, providing extra protection for your hands and arms. Another bonus feature is that our Naturally Sheepskins hand mitts are machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius on a gentle wool cycle with an approved wool detergent. Check out the 'Cleaning Tips' section on our website for more information. Here, at Naturally Sheepskins, we are committed to designing and creating products that just make parents' lives easier. We live in a world that moves at such a fast pace. These hand mitts still keep your precious palms super-snug but allow you to access your hands in rapid time when you're on your adventures. No more inconvenience of missing calls or even dropping or losing your gloves as our mighty mitts stay firming attached to your handle bar. After a few times of using them, you'll wonder how you ever coped without them before. We use our hands for so many things (the list really is endless) - so why not treat them to some luxury this Autumn/Winter!
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