Footmuffs, or cosy toes are they are sometimes known, can be used in pushchairs, strollers, buggies, prams, and bassinets to offer your baby ultimate comfort as they travel. Here at Naturally Sheepskins, we have a range of footmuffs which provide your child with a soft and secure place to sit or lie whilst in their transport system. Whether your baby likes to nod off to sleep in their push chair or likes to sit and watch the world go by, then they can certainly do this whilst keeping their toes cosy. Our premium-quality footmuffs have a silky-soft sheepskin interior and are expertly designed to keep your little one warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are ideal for all-year round use due to the temperature-relating properties that natural sheepskin boasts.  

Our wind and water-repellent sheepskin footmuffs are lined with only the finest Australian Merino sheepskin. They are specially tanned and individually sanitised in order to be safe for babies from new-born age upwards. No harsh chemicals or dyes are used on our footmuffs, giving you peace of mind that they are safe for your little one’s skin. Whilst our footmuffs are certainly luxurious, they have also been built to last - ensuring that your child can use them for years to come. Offering a universal fit with five harness points, our footmuffs are compatible with a wide variety of prams, strollers, sports buggies and joggers. 

So, whilst you are strolling around with your super-stylish footmuff and snug baby, you can also rest easy in the knowledge that sheepskin also has the added benefit of being anti-bacterial. Our footmuffs are therefore easy to care for with little cleaning or maintenance required. Being naturally dirt and dust repellent, our sheepskins are strong and durable. It is also worthy to note that sheepskin can also promote better blood circulation, allowing your baby to settle quicker and have more restful naps. Sleep is so important for young babies to enable them to grow and develop. As well as offering sheepskin-lined footmuffs, we also have some toasty fleece-lined footmuffs in our range.   

Additionally, all our footmuffs have a central zip which can be opened fully to form a large surface to lie and play on. Not only are our footmuffs ideal for resting on, but they can also be used as a big play mat. This is particularly useful when you are ‘out and about’ and stop to have a play or when you are at someone else’s house who might not have a play mat for your baby. Parents have equally told us they have used them as a changing mat (with a muslin over) when they have been ‘caught short’ with no changing bag. Designed with a pull-tie hood and an extra zip in the foot area to allow muddy shoes to be kept outside the footmuff, this is your must-have autumn/winter pram accessory. Footmuffs allow you to still discover the great outdoors with your child even when the weather turns a bit crisper. Your baby can still be toasty and warm as you go on your adventures!