Here at Naturally Sheepskins, we offer a range of sheepskin rugs from single rugs to double rugs. Whether lay on the floor, a sofa, gracing the end of your bed, or draped over a chosen chair, sheepskin rugs just shout style. Luxurious, yet also incredibly comfortable, it’s amazing how a room can be transformed with a sheepskin rug. We are proud to say that all of our sheepskin rugs are made from whole, perfect skins, rather than from pieces. The quality of our sheepskin rugs is second to none – they will stay looking fabulous for longer compared to cheaper ‘sheepskin rugs’ which are usually sewn together from fragments of skins. 

Our sheepskins are mainly sourced from Australia and New Zealand and they are carefully selected for their wool quality, density and size. By being selective - looking at colour, natural markings, uniformity and consistency within the fleece, we can rest assured knowing that our customers are receiving only the finest of sheepskins. We are known for our silky, soft and sumptuous rugs which are the perfect accessory for any interior. With a natural, unshorn finish and a wool height of 50 – 75mm, our sheepskins are extremely comfortable. As well as looking beautiful, our rugs are ethically and sustainably sourced as they are the by-product of the farming industry.  

Sheepskins are completely natural products and have been recognised to have numerous health benefits. They are therefore ideal for personal use at home. Check out our section on the natural health benefits of sheepskin for more information. Additionally, sheepskin is naturally dirt and dust-repellent making our rugs very easy to care for. All our natural-coloured and dyed sheepskin rugs are machine washable. Please also see our section on cleaning tips which explains how to care for your sheepskin product. It is also worthy to note that because sheepskin is a natural product, no two pieces will be the same in colour, wool height or shape – making your product unique! With all these benefits and just the mere fact that our rugs look so decadent, they make the most wonderful and thoughtful gifts for friends and family.