Our Story

The Naturally Sheepskins brand was founded over 25 years ago in Australia. Our Sheepskins are still mainly sourced from Australia and New Zealand and our UK Headquarters are based in Cheltenham in the Southwest of England. We carefully hand select our sheepskins for their soft wool quality, density, colour, natural markings, uniformity, size and just general sumptuousness. Our customers receive only the finest of sheepskins with silky softness for their homes and personal use. Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to provide only high-quality, 100% natural products which have numerous health benefits. You will find only the best, most authentic and real sheepskin products at Naturally Sheepskins. Our sheepskins are the by-product of the agricultural industry. The farms, where our skins come from, endeavour to cultivate our plants and livestock, and keep our beautiful lands green. Therefore, our skins come from a sustainable resource and are environmentally friendly. The livestock are raised almost entirely free-range and graze on grass all year round in the great outdoors, apart from when the weather is exceptionally bad. The sheep have the most natural of lifestyles – possibly the most natural of all farm animals. It is imperative to us that we work closely with our specialist sheepskin tanneries to make sure that rigorous international standards for product safety are met. Regular testing and audits by independent agencies are thoroughly conducted. We can also confidently state that all efforts are made to reduce the impact of our production facilities on our surrounding environment, particularly in terms of water and energy use. Since 2008, we have proudly been a member of the London-based SEDEX. This is a worldwide membership organisation which manages and improves working conditions in global supply chains. We are constantly evolving to achieve best working environment for our workers throughout the world. High ethical standards are at the heart of everything we do here at Naturally Sheepskins and this ranges from our internal and external audits to the type of packaging we use for our products.