How is Naturally Sheepskins kind to our planet, Earth?

The future of our planet is at the heart of everything we do, and this ethos very much shapes the direction in which we want to take our business. Our mission statement is quite a simple one: We provide ethically and sustainably sourced luxury sheepskins for your home and for your child. They are eco-consciously created to provide years of enjoyment and for our customers to marvel in their timeless and natural beauty.

Our sheepskins are the by-product of the farming industry. The farms, where our skins come from keep our lands green by cultivating plants and livestock. The animals are raised almost entirely free-range and graze on grass all year round in the great outdoors, except when it is extremely bad weather. The sheep have the most natural of lifestyles – potentially the most natural of all farm animals.

Unlike synthetic materials that are made of plastic including faux fur, our sheepskins are completely natural. The natural fibres of sheepskin are biodegradable and do not, therefore, contribute to microplastic pollution in our oceans. Our materials are natural, planet-friendly and oh, so incredibly soft. Additionally, if cared for correctly, our 100% natural sheepskins will last you for years without the need to replace them. Providing years of enjoyment without the need for replacement is the principle which underpins the new movement, namely ‘Slow Fashion Movement’. This new school of thought is something we very agree with and believe in the circular economy model of sharing, recycling and reusing. Our products are timeless in design and completely environmentally responsible.

We are incredibly eco-conscious when it comes to our tanning process. We do not use any harsh chemicals or dyes, are proudly REACH compliant and we are continuously testing to improve our methods. Our packaging is now almost completely plastic free. This is something we are very proud of as we have been working on attaining this goal for quite some time. It is also noteworthy that our baby skins are shorn to a shorter length of between 22mm and 28mm for safety. We recommend covering the sheepskin with a sheet if it is to be used as bedding for a baby under 12 months of age. As per international standards for safe sleep, it is also recommended that the baby is placed on its back whilst sleeping. We take our social responsibility to new parents very seriously.

The specialist sheepskin tanneries we use adhere to rigorous international standards to ensure that product safety requirements are met. Independent agencies, such as Bureau Veritas and SGS, also conduct regular testing and thorough audits. All efforts are made to reduce the impact of our production facilities on our surrounding environment, particularly in terms of water and energy use. As members of SEDEX, since 2008, we are constantly evolving to achieve best working environment for our workers worldwide. We regularly conduct internal and external audits to ensure that our high standards are met.

When we talk about ethics and sustainability, these words are not simply ‘buzz-words’ to us but deep-seated beliefs that we action. The principle of ‘making better choices for better living’ is at the forefront of our minds. Our promise to you is that we are Earth-kind, responsible and ethical.