Health Benefits

Why is sheepskin good for your health?

Sheepskin has many natural health benefits for people of all ages. Because sheepskin is so incredibly soft, it is extremely effective at relieving aches and pains. The naturally crimped, woollen hairs of sheepskin provide a cushioning effect for your body. Research has shown that because each fibre contains a three-dimensional, crimped curl, it almost behaves like a tiny spring. This springy nature of sheepskin fibres on mass acts like a supportive mattress for your entire body. Sheepskin helps to absorb the weight of your body in an even distribution too. It is therefore advantageous for people who suffer with joint problems by providing support for pressure points and achy limbs.

One of the most amazing natural properties of sheepskin is body temperature-regulation. Many people know that the wool fibres in sheepskin help to increase heat when it is too cold, thus keeping you warm. Additionally, though, sheepskin helps to reduce heat when it is too hot. This is particularly beneficial for new-born babies, especially those born prematurely or with a low birth weight. Babies are unable to regulate their own temperature – particularly in warm environments. The natural woollen fibres of sheepskin promote air circulation, insulate against heat and wick away moisture from the skin. These qualities found in sheepskin help to keep babies cool in the summer and warm in the winter from head to toe. Scientists also believe that the temperature-regulating properties of sheepskin can help to promote better blood circulation. This is particularly beneficial when adults are lay or sat down because sheepskin helps to keep their bodies at the right temperature. Isn’t it incredible what those natural fibres can do?

It doesn’t stop there either – sheepskin is wonderful for the skin too! The woollen fibres contain an outer layer of protein which is extremely smooth. This silky coating makes it easy for the sheepskin fibres to come in to contact with one another, which in turn accommodates movement. Therefore, when a person is sat or lay on sheepskin, their skin moves across its surface with less friction. This is particularly beneficial for the elderly, people with limited mobility or those convalescing after surgery. By offering less resistance than synthetic materials, sheepskin can provide more comfort to those people who need to sit or lie in the same position for long periods of time. Sheepskin has been medically proven to reduce discomfort and the risk of bedsores.

Sheepskin is renowned for being kind to the skin because it is amazingly, bacteria-repellent, and liquid, dirt, and stain-resistant. Its fleece is naturally resistant to the growth of dust mites, mould, odour and bed-bugs. The natural wicking properties of this amazing natural textile mean that it can draw moisture away from the skin. By keeping a dry environment, bacteria are less likely to thrive. The breathable nature of sheepskin allows air to circulate, once again, reducing the chances of hot and clammy conditions that pesky bacteria love. Moreover, sheepskin is hypo-allergenic and has been found to soothe skin. It contains a natural substance called lanolin which is an effective treatment for dry, itchy skin. Sheepskin is ideal for sensitive skin because it can help to soothe and de-sensitise skin rashes and skin conditions, for example, eczema, psoriasis and cellulitis. In this way, natural sheepskin is medically magical and perfect for precious young skin and beyond. Please see our section on sheepskin care tips too to find out how you can also regularly wash your sheepskin to keep it clean and in excellent condition. It is also worthy to note that we do not use any harsh dyes or chemicals on our products too during the tanning process.

Due to a combination of all the reasons above, sheepskin has been found to promote better sleep - in babies, children and adults. Additionally, our baby sheepskins are shorn to a shorter length making them extra springy and supportive, and therefore ideal for young ones. Whether it be our sheepskin pram liners, baby rug comforters or footmuffs, all our sheepskin baby products offer comfort and reassurance, helping your little one settle all year-round. Hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating, comforting, tactile and practical – we can’t think of a better textile for a baby to use. Because of their portable and versatile nature too, parents can take their baby sheepskin with them on their travels. The smell and feel of the fleece will become an instant soother for your little one helping them nod off more easily – wherever you are.

Sheepskin truly has lots of natural, and almost magical, abilities. You can use them as rugs on the floor but also throw them over a chair or sofa and they will instantly add the ‘ahhhh’ factor. Imagine sinking your feet into a sheepskin every morning when you get out of bed. They are highly supportive and offer genuine relief. Quite simply, these all-natural, sustainable and easy-to-care-for products will look and feel incredible for years, but they will also help you and your family to feel incredible too!