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Interior Trends this Autumn/Winter

Interior Trends this Autumn/Winter

Autumn is most definitely upon us now the hour has gone back. The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and the nature around us is changing colour. Are you planning on updating your home interior to match the changing of the season? Well, we’ve put together some tips on popular interior design trends for Autumn/Winter 2022.

Have you spotted browns, reds and oranges in the shops? So, this is because the 70s is back! The vibrant yet easy-going style of this decade has been reborn. Earthy tones and natural materials are making a comeback along with different textures and patterns. Geometric shapes, animal prints, curved edges and low lighting are all hot right now. Check out our luxurious sheepskin rugs which have the softest and silkiest of textures. They just beg to be touched and add a real wow factor to any living space. Decadent yet fun and shaggy – they give a serious nod to the 70s. Link below:

Bright colours and patterned décor may not be your thing. Don’t worry as the ‘bare essentials’ trend might be more of your cup of tea. Light browns and creams are just perfect to create a calming environment – bright in the day and warm in the evening. Add one piece of standalone, statement furniture and your room will be free of clutter. By making sure that your living space is not overcrowded, you’ll feel relaxed every time you walk into it. Simple and bare spaces that have a warm and neutral colour palette are super popular this Autumn/Winter.

Opening shelving units are also the next big thing – particularly in kitchen design. They offer a rustic feel but are also incredibly practical. Everything you need is within reach! This functional form of storage not only adds some personality to your home, but it also saves you time having to faff with opening and closing cupboard doors. Pots, pans, jars, food items and baskets are all considered ‘cool’ to display. Even those with young children are still opting to have a couple of open shelves ‘up high’ so those cheeky, little fingers can’t grab away!

Finally, the colour palette which ranges from pastel pink to deep mocha is the top of the list at the moment. These pinky, earthy colours invoke a sense of wellbeing, happiness and joy. Soft pink walls tone so well with brown leather sofas and brass hardware. Throw on some of our sheepskin cushion covers in mocha and you are bang on trend. The curled crimp of our Mongolian sheepskin cushion covers is so inviting – they are a real talking point for your guests. Available in grey and black also, these neutral tones will work well with existing décor too. They are great for sprucing up a room, adding texture and warmth. Link below:

They will bring your living spaces right ‘up to date’ with their uber-modern look but they are also incredibly easy to care for. Check out our section on cleaning tips for more information about how to care for our sheepskin products. Here is the link:

So, there you have it – the 70s, juxtaposed with simple and bare, open shelving and pinky mocha are the top trends in interior design for this Autumn/Winter. Get busy creating those trendy rooms!

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