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Walks to Welcome Autumn In

Autumn is without doubt here and you may be missing outdoor summer activities with your kids. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather - sometimes we are just badly prepared for it. Cue our snuggly, sheepskin footmuffs and you can get back out there with your little one! Here is a link: https://www.naturallysheepskins.co.uk/collections/footmuffs

Babies and toddlers just can't stay inside all day - they need fresh air. Picture the scene – you’re pushing your little one in their buggy. They are all wrapped up in natural, soft, sheepskin - as snug as a bug in a rug. You're happy because they are no longer telling you they are cold. You're pointing out the changing colours of the trees and the rustling of the leaves under your feet. Autumn brings about so many opportunities for nature walks. Why not collect those leaves, conkers and acorns you see and Sellotape them in a scrap book as a memento of your strolls on autumn days. Another lovely craft activity is to collect enough leaves to make a leaf crown. Here is a small list of equipment you'll need...
Paper or card
Glue Sticky or Tape
Stapler or Sellotape

1. Cut two strips of paper or card length wise about 4cm wide. Staple or tape these two strips together to create one long strip of paper.
2. Measure it around your child’s head and cut to size.
3. Using the beautiful red, orange and golden leaves you have collected, glue them along the length of the strip.
4. Continue to add as many leaves as you would like, leaving a couple of centimetres empty at either end.
5. Tape or staple the two ends of the band together and voilà - you have a leaf crown!

What a great opportunity too to talk about who wears crowns – a.k.a. Kings and Queens. A hot topic very much being discussed at the moment.

This craft activity is lovely to do with all ages of children. You can use it to talk to your kiddy about the seasonal changes that Autumn brings about every year. You can discuss changes in their environment as the weather turns a little crisper and their favourite things about the season. There is nothing more wholesome than going for a walk and then doing a craft activity afterwards!

Check out our stunning range of sheepskin footmuffs to enable you to still enjoy the great outdoors with your child this autumn/winter. “What's so great about them?” I hear you ask. Well, they are:

Lined with 100% natural Australian Merino Sheepskin
Expertly designed to keep your child warm, cosy and snug in the coldest of weathers
Wind and water-repellent
Designed to have a universal fit with 5 harness points
Perfect for prams, strollers, sports buggies and joggers
Fitted with a central zip which can be opened fully to form a large surface to lie and play on
Complete with a pull-tie hood and an extra zip in the foot area to allow muddy shoes to be kept outside the footmuff

We also have snuggly, sheepskin-lined, weatherproof hand mitts for you to attach to your buggy’s handle or push bar. Sink your hands into these on cold days and you'll wonder how you ever coped without them before! Here is a link: https://www.naturallysheepskins.co.uk/products/weatherproof-hand-mitts

Our footmuffs allow you to continue your adventures of the great outdoors with your baby or toddler. You'll still look stylish as you push out that stroller but your little one will be super-snug! They are the ultimate must-have autumn/winter buggy accessory!

Check out our website - https://www.naturallysheepskins.co.uk – to peruse our entire ranges of snuggly products for your Baby/Toddler/Child and for your Home to take you through the winter.


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